Researching Lived Experience: Human Sicence for an Action Sensitive Pedagogy

Pedagogy is the activity of teaching, parenting, educating, or generally living with children, that requires constant practical acting in concrete situations and relations. p.2

So phenomenology does not offer us the possibility of effective theory with which we can now explain and/or control the world, but rather it offers us the possibility of plausible insights that bring us in more direct contact with the world. p. 9

A person cannot reflect on lived experience while living through the experience. For example, if one tries to reflect on one’s anger while being angry, one finds that the anger has already changed or dissipated. Thus, phenomenological reflection is not introspective bu retrospective. Reflection on lived experience is always re collective ; it is reflection on experience that is already passed or lived through. P. 10

Phenomenological human science is the study of lived or existential meanings; it attempts to describe and interpret these meanings to a certain degree of depth and richness. P.11

As in poetry, it is inappropriate to ask for a conclusion or a summary of a phenomenological study. p. 13

One difference is that phenomenology aims at making exlicit and seeking universal meaning where poety and literature remain implicit and particular. ….””human science starts there where poetry has reached its end point.”” p. 19

But what does progress mean in phenomenological human science research? It dos not necessarily imply that sound human science will lead to increasingly effective management or control of human behavior. In fact, just the opposite may be the case. Human science operates on the principle of the recognition of the existence of freedom in human life. And self-consciously free human beings who have acquired a deepended understanding of the meaning of certain human experiences or phenomena may in fact be less susceptible to the effective management or control of others. p .21

And yet, phenomenological human science, too, sponsors a certain concept of progress. It is the progress of humanizing human life and humanizing human institutions to help human beings to become increasingly thoughtful and thus better prepared to act tactfully in situations. In other words, sound human sceicne research of the kind advocated in this text, helps those who partake in it to produce action sensitive knowledge. p. 21

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