Reinstalled and set up Drupal site

On the night of Mar 16, the site I am working on crashed.

On the night of Mar 17th, I backed up all local and remote website files in the folder of “firstversion” and then reinstalled Drupal, in the hope of reducing page loading time and fix some admin page problems.

Step 1: create a new database:

Step 2: download and upload the drupal 7.26 version.

Step 3: ssh into the site and bash install the script – to install the modules and themes

Now I am rebuilding everything I have done since Feb 7.

The following are things need to be done:

1. customize the looking:

   a. strip out the header and footer

   b. gt_slider info file

       i. change everything in gt_subtheme into gt_slider:, gt_slider.css

       ii. Flush cache

       iii. enable gt_slider theme and set as default

   c. change the background of header:

Changed the css of #masthead, #identity, #primary-menus, #gt-logo;


got rid of <div id=”identity-wrapper class=clearfix”>

changed images for gt-logo

added image for slider-logo

note: accidentally deleted “<div id=”main-menu-wrapper”>” and caused some problems.note: turned off configuration -> performance -” Aggregate and compress CSS files.”

2. install nice menus module. configure nice menus:

   a. install nice menus

   b. create all main menu pages and menu level — changed the basic page publish option to immediate publish

  Note: Installed module special menu items

Purpose: to make certain level of menu item not clickable

How to use it: go to structure->menu->main menu-> edit-> add link, type in “<nolink>” in path.

  After installation, go to page.tpl.php, and replace the code lines after “<?php if ($main_menu) : ?>” to the following:


$vars = array (

‘direction’=> ‘down’,

‘depth’=> -1,


print theme(‘nice_menus_main_menu’, $vars);

See youtube video:


3. create pages and menu links: done


4. customize nice menus — need to be polished


5. add login|sign up link:

    step 1: enable CAS

    step 2: add login|sign link to main menu, URL to “/user”


4. homepage slideshow video slide show: done but need to figure out how to advance by clicking instead of auto


5. homepage introduction block — set up as node block and then added to the homepage row


6. set up the registration form: enabled two modules: field group and list. To add fields and field set, go to configuration -> people -> account settings. Check “include in registration” to include the questions in registration form.


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