I tried another blog service provider —blogger

I have known blogger.com for a long time but never tried it until just now.

It is belong to Google also.

I like Google, but after I tried blogger, I don’t like it so much.

The main reseason is it is not so convinient as edublogs when you try to edit links. Of course it gives you much more freedom to edit your blog’s apperance with html language as you like. But what I need is just a simple blog , to accomplish my requirements of publish my idea , add links and view others’ comments.

Also, edublogs have some shortcomings.

It doesn’t allow you to edit the blog’s template. You can just choose one from its templates. And I don’t like the “About this site”. It also saids:”Just another Edublogs.org weblog” and I still have not found where I can change or get rid of it. Although I have another “About” on the right side under the “Pages“.

Also, it doesn’t allow you change your font directly by simply press a font button. If you want to change a word or a phrase’s  font, you can just edit it under “HTML” mode.

People always don’t like to accept unfamiliar things except they find there are much more interesting features. Me too.

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