Georgia STEM Accessibility Alliance

I had this great opportunity to facilitate this grant retreat last week. This is a collaborative grant between UGA, GAtech, and NSF. The purpose is to develop models for students with disabilities to learn in Second Life at secondary, post-secondary, and graduate level. People from UGA and GA tech attended the meeting physically, whereas there were some people from Finland (Holland) and LA attended the meeting via Horizon Wimba.

A lot of people from all kinds of departments and schools. Dr. Michael Hannafin gave presentation on how his team did the work of using video documenting teachers’ classroom teaching. Joce Bettencourt and her team introduced their company The Vesuvius Group  Mr. Frans gave the presentation about how teenagers can learn in Second Life. He presented an example of avatars stepping on a light floor and so the lightening colors change while the locations of the foot pressured change. In a word, that was an exciting meeting.

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