“Client Changes” and “Billable Hours”

I was searching for a keyboard shortcut key and found this interesting discussion about how the op’s client kept asking him to change the fonts, color and size of his design – I believe everyone designer who works with customers has dealt with this type of clients before, and sometime it could be pretty painful.

So here is one response I think is very smart and I am pasting it here, just in case one day I am going to use it: “Mark -I know all those changes are a PITA, but I do hope you make it clear to the client that changes which aren’t your mistake are billable “client changes”.

Instructional design, like all other design work, sometimes is a customer service, and you really do want to make your customers happy. But sometimes we do have to set up the fine line, between “good customer service” and “unlimited service in the cost of harming ourselves”.

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