Oct 21

Displaying Tweets Real-time with PowerPoint Presentation: With or Without Moderation

Recently, our organization decided to implement real-time tweet displaying along with our PowerPoint based Base Camp and Leadership Summit training. We will be displaying the tweets at the training site on the big screens. Therefore, I investigated eight different tweet displaying services to determine what … Continue reading

Sep 13

Unconventional Learning Management Systems – Comparison

Edmodo; as a very well developed online professional learning community, edomo integrates a lot of functions: forums, resources sharing, class/learning management. Here we discuss the function of class/learning management. More and more teachers are using Schoology instead of edmodo. Typically, … Continue reading

Jul 17

Teaching Math with Apps – Math Apps for Practice and Tutoring

There are plenty of apps that can support math teaching and learning. Among them, some are for teachers’ general use of creating contents, managing classroom, demonstrating course contents. Some focus more on math content practicing and tutoring. In this section, … Continue reading

Jul 15

Teaching Math with Interactive Whiteboard (IWB)

Before we start talking about teaching with IWB, it is important to introduce a bit about IWB related software and supporting materials. Interactive Whiteboard companies and many other companies and projects have developed numerous supplemental instructional materials to exploit the … Continue reading