Barnard, et. al 2007

When they analyzed the data from the survey of the facutly members, they categorized a descipline as:

  • hard or soft refers to the degree of paradigmatic development of a field.”Disciplines such as chemistry, biology, and mathematics, for example, were categorized as hard
    while disciplines such as political science, psychology, and fields in the fine arts were
    categorized as soft.
  • pure and applied.

As the researchers did not have direct access to the e-mail addresses of faculty members across
colleges of the university, participation of faculty members was solicited by requesting
individual departmental and college administrators to forward the recruitment e-mail message to
their respective listservs of faculty members. The researchers also posted a similar recruitment
message that was distributed via a university-wide faculty e-mail listserv system after university
administrative approval.

To read list:

  • Generally, the attitudes of faculty members towards persons with disabilities become more positive with years of experience in higher education (Leyser et al., 1998) along with their epistemological beliefs becoming more sophisticated (Schommer-Aikins, Duell, & Hutter, 2005; Schommer, 1993).

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