Convert a Captivate course to Html5

I know it is not something new, but just see this:

How To Create An iPad App Using Adobe Captivate

According to the video in this post, Adobe has been experimenting with a Captivate to Html5 converter. Now you can publish your Captivate project into a swf file then use the converter to convert it into a html file, which can be viewed basically on any mobile devices. Therefore this feature allows you to create apps not only for iPad, but also for Android, Windows, etc. (for popular phone OS, see here.)

However, it is worthy to note that currently, only the following actions are supported:

o Go to the previous slide
o Go to the next slide
o Go to the slide last visited
o Jump to slide
o Open URL only
o Show
o Hide

So it may not be a good idea to to start convert your Captivate course into HTML5 just yet.


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