A very good kinetic typography after effects tutorial

I believe many instructional designers have come across the same dilemma: sometimes it is just hard to find right images and video for the instructional materials. The content expert sent you a big word document with all the contents that s/he wants to put into the course. However the content is so abstract and it is hard to find good images to come with the content. Not to mention if you don’t have the budget to pay $2000 per year for a stock photo account.

So I found Kinetic Typography can help. I started exploring ways to make Kinetic Typography videos two days ago. After downloading a couple of kinetic Typography templates and trying them out, I figured the best way to make a kinetic typography video is to start from the scratch. Because the animation of texts have to be so closely paired with their meaning, and the specific tune of your video, it is actually not worth the time to try to modify an existing kinetic typography template. Instead, it is probably more time efficient to start from scratch.

So I found this very good and detailed video tutorial:


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